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An interesting movement to make law easily accessible to the public. Here is a SLS event which took place on 1/12.   


Sample Annotated Bibliography

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Here is a copy of my published annotated bibliography. It is in the Law Library Journal format.

First Weekly Homework Assignment

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  Dear Students: 

 I think the library exercise proved propitious and we are going in the right direction with the annotated bibliography exercise. You have found useful secondary sources and I congratulate you on your efforts. Next, we need to work on explaining how you decide which sources are the most authoritative, relevant, up-to-date, and worth-mentioning in an annotated bibliography. 

 Please start your first weekly assignment, and feel free to let me see your draft(s). The assignment is two-fold and contains both the thought-process behind it and the end result: the annotations. You will explain how you found the legal scholarship and then create annotations of chosen treatises and other book-format legal scholarship. Because of its complexity at such an early stage in the semester, it will be due Feb 4th instead of January 28th. There is no weekly assignment due on January 28th. 

 See you next week at 10 AM in our regular class at Pratt. We will talk about secondary sources as finding aid tools, research tools, and legal scholarship (e.g., treatises). 


SILS 626- January 23, 2010

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Remember that we will meet in the lobby at Columbia Law School. Be prepared to stay from 12-3 pm, working on your annotated bibliography. We will take a library tour and then use the OPAC to locate books on your topic.

Annotated Bibliography

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There are a few necessary steps that you should take when you plan an annotated bibliography:

1. think about what your annotated bibliography needs to cover (books, law review articles, and any other secondary source that you may find useful in answering the specific research topic)

2. think about how you will go about finding those secondary sources (what finding aid tools you may want to use)

3. think about what sources may be useful to clarify the (sub)issues covered or touched upon by your topic (for example, a criminal law treatise may be the place to start when the patron needs to understand the type of crime involved in the research query, or a torts hornbook may be the place to start when the patron needs to familiarize herself with the type of tortious activity involved in the question, etc)

and of course,

4. choose a format and stick to it.

Readings for January 16, 2010

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Here are the two readings I mentioned in the syllabus

Cohen- Chapter 1

Neacsu Intro

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