March 6, 2010 – Statutory Research

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For next week, remember to look into,, and, and note similarities and difference.

Advertisements Workshop – Columbia Law School 2/25/10

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Carl Malamud from Public.Resource.Org

  • national inventory
  • google scholar and records and briefs project
  • phase II after inventory dealing with assertions of copyright (especially state supreme court opinions)
  • Phase III presenting report to policy makers

Beth Noveck, Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Michael White, Director of Legal Affairs, Office of the Fed. Register

  • ecfr and authentication

Stephen Schultze

  • CITP – and judicial transparency

Discussion about national inventory of primary legal materials:

  • if people complain will take it down without mentioning in the index whether the information exist but is not available or whether it does not exist
  • I was told that it won’t be available through a Google search but through an internal search engine

a Lexis rep: believes that Lexis picks up from where gov leaves it; all they need is access; they do not need metadata

Tim Wu explained altlaw

Enthusiasts (myself included) urged the group to use as the platform to use for entering, accessing and archiving the data

Pratt Student-Led Journal?

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Reading about Student Pulse,, in the Chronicle of Higher Education (, I thought about Pratt students creating such an academic journal, where they publish their work and that of other library students. 

Getting Ready to Present Your Annotated Bibliography

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Next week’s homework assignment has two parts. By Thursday, you will email me your annotated bibliography portion which contains annotations of law review articles. Like in the past, in the assignment you will explain to me how you found those articles (using the index to legal periodicals, the journal and law review databases from Westlaw and Lexis, and secondary sources from Bloomberg, as well as Google Scholar), and also you will list the final articles with their annotations.

 You will receive a grade for this weekly assignment.

 Additionally, next Saturday you will bring to class hard copies of your annotated bibliography, which will contain the title, the audience, and the entries with their annotations. You will collect the entries from your past homework assignments. Please use the Bluebook style for citation purposes. Also, remember to bring sufficient copies for everybody.

 You will present the annotated bibliography, which will contain all the entries you have already annotated (treatises from Pegasus, Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg, and Google Books; practitioners’ sources from Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg, and law review articles) in front of everybody. Please dress up and make a good impression. Treat this presentation as a professional opportunity.

 Your grade for the annotated bibliography will reflect both the content of your annotated bibliography and your public presentation.

Google Books Settlement

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Here are a few interesting readings on this issue.

reading 1

reading 2

reading 3

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