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From Karen Green, Ancient & Medieval History and Religion Librarian & Graphic Novels Librarian at Columbia University:


Statutory Legal Research – Index and Other Finding Aid Searches –

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 One type of literature we, as librarians, create is “pathfinders.” Generally, pathfinders are designed to guide the patron to find answers on their own when using specific databases.

Unlike those, the attached example has a different aim: to record its author’s path to finding the answer to a specific research problem. The example attached to this message started from an existing hypothetical, to which I added layers of research planning and performing, because this class focuses on a two-prong approach to legal databases: mastering them through both identifying and using such databases.  

The next weekly assignment is due on March 18th , and it is supposed to record your path in finding the answer to your question within the limits of federal statutory finding aids for each online database — whether free-of-charge or fee-based.

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