Neacsu – Intro to US Law and Legal Research

This digital edition owes its new content to all my students.

It represents the result of a long process of rethinking the content and making it relevant to the fast-paced changes the world of legal research has endured.

Translating my updating process into an e-book started in Spring 2009, as an independent project taken upon by Bacilio Mendez II, then a Pratt-SILS student. It continued until Spring 2011, when I finally finished it with the same unmitigated digital help from Bacilio, now a student at New York Law School.

The cover translates visually this book’s philosophy that justice has been neither blind nor blindfolded, and when it happens, it happens usually to those with knowledge about the law. Bacilio reinterpreted a picture he took of the statue “Miss Justice,” in Augusta, Georgia, so the copyright of the cover page art is his.

Of course, without my family nothing would have been possible.



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